by Natasha Farrant

It's the first Spring since the Great War. In the village of Barton, life is returning to normal. Except not for everyone, and not for two children in particular...

Lotti is on the run with a stolen chihuahua and Ben and his dog are surviving alone. Soon the authorities are closing in with talk of orphanges, missing brothers and The Law.

But Ben has his boat, the Sparrowhawk, and Lotti has a plan...

Voyage of the Sparrowhawk

by Tom Percival

Erika's day is turned upside down when she gets an emergency call from the Dream Team. That night, she dives into the Dreamscape and meets Chanda - her dream is being attacked by a terrifying Jitter and nothing seems to be going right! Can Erika help Chanda to stand up to the Jitter, before it takes over completely?

A Case of the Jitters

by Zana Fraillon & Samuel Perrett

For as long as Twig can remember, it's been him and Da - family over everything. So When Twig finds himself alone on the streets, he feels totally lost. That is until ht meets Flea, a cheerful pickpocket, who feels like the best friend he's ever had.

But then Twig wakes up in the Afterlife with just a handful of memories from Earth and one big question... how did he get here?

With only a raven, a key and a mysterious atlas to guide him, Twig must complete a challenging journey if he has any hope of seeing Da and Flea again. But the path through this shadowy world has danger lurking at every turn - is he destined to be torn apart from them for ever?

The Lost Soul Atlas

by Annabelle Sami & Allen Fatimaharan

No one ever listens to Yasmin Shah. She's the only quiet one in her big loud family. And it's about to get louder... Meet Levi - the chattiest, rudest, loudest llama around! He pops into Yasmin's life and turns it upside down - but is he actually the only one who's listening? A hilarious story of LOLs, llamas, dramas and finding your voice.

Llama Out Loud

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