by Zana Fraillon & Samuel Perrett

For as long as Twig can remember, it's been him and Da - family over everything. So When Twig finds himself alone on the streets, he feels totally lost. That is until ht meets Flea, a cheerful pickpocket, who feels like the best friend he's ever had.

But then Twig wakes up in the Afterlife with just a handful of memories from Earth and one big question... how did he get here?

With only a raven, a key and a mysterious atlas to guide him, Twig must complete a challenging journey if he has any hope of seeing Da and Flea again. But the path through this shadowy world has danger lurking at every turn - is he destined to be torn apart from them for ever?

by Annabelle Sami & Allen Fatimaharan

No one ever listens to Yasmin Shah. She's the only quiet one in her big loud family. And it's about to get louder... Meet Levi - the chattiest, rudest, loudest llama around! He pops into Yasmin's life and turns it upside down - but is he actually the only one who's listening? A hilarious story of LOLs, llamas, dramas and finding your voice.

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