Llama Out Loud

by Annabelle Sami & Allen Fatimaharan

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Interest age: 6+
Independent reading age: 7+

Llama Out Loud


No one ever listens to Yasmin Shah. She's the only quiet one in her big loud family. And it's about to get louder... Meet Levi - the chattiest, rudest, loudest llama around! He pops into Yasmin's life and turns it upside down - but is he actually the only one who's listening? A hilarious story of LOLs, llamas, dramas and finding your voice.

Llama Out Loud


ISBN: 978-1405296991
Publication date: 9th July 2020
Publisher: Egmont
Format: Paperback
Book Length: 245 pages
Chapters: 28
Genres: Animals, Family & Relationships, Funny

The Reader Teacher



Yamsin Shah is the quietest member of her household. Living with loud-mouthed people makes Yasmin feel as if she fades into the background and this all comes to a head on her birthday when she's made to feel that things going wrong are all her fault. This soon changes when a toy llama she's picked up at the market takes on a role of his own and alters the dynamics of everything. Although it doesn't start off smoothly to say the least... This is more than a book about finding your voice. This is brilliant, boisterous illustrated fiction at its best that is a blast to read as it promotes the power of being quiet, breaks down barriers and shows that quiet people have the loudest minds.





curriculum links

PSHE: Family & Relationships
PSHE: Personality & Self Expression
Science: Llamas (Animals)





No major considerations
Parents and siblings talk over Yasmin a lot, so you could use this as an opportunity to talk about manners and respect.
Yasmin doesn't feel confident in speaking out so some sensitivity should be shown to children in classes who may feel the same.

comments from the classroom

I have read excerpts of this to children in my class during our school re-opening who have commented that the book is "such fun to read, really makes you think that you can be loud on the inside and that that they are now looking to buy their own llama (well, a toy version at least!)".


the author

Annabelle Sami

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