Voyage of the Sparrowhawk

by Natasha Farrant

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Interest age: 9+
Independent reading age: 10+

Voyage of the Sparrowhawk


It's the first Spring since the Great War. In the village of Barton, life is returning to normal. Except not for everyone, and not for two children in particular...

Lotti is on the run with a stolen chihuahua and Ben and his dog are surviving alone. Soon the authorities are closing in with talk of orphanges, missing brothers and The Law.

But Ben has his boat, the Sparrowhawk, and Lotti has a plan...

Voyage of the Sparrowhawk


ISBN: 978-0571348763
Publication date: 3rd September 2020
Publisher: Faber
Format: Paperback
Book Length: 368 pages
Chapters: 38
Genres: Action & Adventure, Family & Relationships, Historical

The Reader Teacher



The best stories have a sense of adventure, friendship and action and this story has all three. When Ben ends up returning to his beloved boat, the Sparrowhawk, one day he doesn't imagine encountering Lotti stowed away and hiding on it. But as the two show, they come together to inspire each other to journey to France. A country across the water and one which they hope holds the answer to both what they are searching for. For Ben, this is Sam, his older brother missing after the war. For Lotti, to go and see Moune, her French grandmother, who had once written to her but whose letters had since stopped arriving. Will they discover the truth they are looking for?

Through Natasha's classic writing style, we are swept up across the sea on a riveting adventure that is full of action and which draws parallels with that of the writing of Blyton and Ransome with characters that you take to your heart.

As we start to see the horror and consequences of war on a country and people gradually rebuilding their lives, this adventure is one that not only is about family but is one that has a deep, rich and historical poignancy all of its own. Together with two dogs and two prologues (the first book I've read that has two of them), Farrant captures heartache, healing and hopefulness into a beautifully-written story that proves that seizing the day and your opportunities is the best thing to do.





curriculum links

History: World War 1
Geography: France
Design Technology: Boats





No major considerations
There is the mention of parents dying within the book and war so some sensitivity should be shown with regard to this.

comments from the classroom

Teachers and librarians are commenting on how this book would be great to read alongside a topic of World War I and how it would prompt questions about this time in history. Others talk about it being an exciting adventure they would like to share.


the author

Natasha Farrant

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