A Case of the Jitters

by Tom Percival

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Interest age: 5+
Independent reading age: 7+

A Case of the Jitters


Erika's day is turned upside down when she gets an emergency call from the Dream Team. That night, she dives into the Dreamscape and meets Chanda - her dream is being attacked by a terrifying Jitter and nothing seems to be going right! Can Erika help Chanda to stand up to the Jitter, before it takes over completely?

A Case of the Jitters


ISBN: 978-1529029178
Publication date: 6th August 2020
Publisher: Macmillan
Format: Paperback
Book Length: 188 pages
Chapters: 14
Genres: Action & Adventure, Emotional, Mental Health

The Reader Teacher



Erika begins this book searching for a talent that she'd be good at to perform in the talent show at school. But little does she know that she has a talent all of her very own with helping others with their anxieties.

After a call from the Dream Team, she's thrust on another adventure. This time, she meets Chanda who is also feeling low on confidence and is under attack from an irritating Jitter who just won't go away. That is until Erika recognises that there's something similar between Chanda and her funny friend Kris which helps her and the Dream Team to gain control of Chanda's recurring nightmare. This second book in the series continues to gently ease children's worries in Tom's trademark warm and embracing style.





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PSHE: Anxiety
PSHE: Mental Health
Drama: Talent





No major considerations
Rarely, Jitter characters are shown on pages which may frighten very young children.

comments from the classroom

Teachers and librarians are commenting on how this series continues to explore anxieties in a gentle, fun and comforting way. They also note that this is a super series for readers who are just beginning to read chapter books.


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Tom Percival

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