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Review Policy

I am always searching for a range of books to read, review and recommend, and I am pleased to accept books for reading, reviewing and recommending on and across the other platforms that I organise.

The aim of this website is to read, review and recommend high-quality books to teachers, schools, children and families for use in primary schools and at home.

I receive an increasingly high volume of books to review each week from publishers and authors. Whilst I may agree to look at your book, I cannot guarantee that I will publish content for all books received. Please note that I reserve the right to choose not to read, review and recommend some of the books that I receive at my own discretion. 

Content of submitted books may appear on this website ( through my #BookLists, as well as my YouTube channel and my social media channels, depending on suitability.

Content published on The Reader Teacher website may also be cross-posted to websites such as Amazon, Goodreads & Waterstones (or a combination of these depending on suitability and may be adjusted or modified depending on the content and context), and these links will often be shared on social media (@MrEPrimary/@TheReaderTeacher).

Please note the following terms and conditions if you wish to submit a copy of a book for review:

Format information

I am happy to receive physical print only copies of children's books suitable for ages 3-11, either ARC (advanced reader or review copies/proofs) or preferably, finished copies.

I do not and will not accept self-published titles, eBooks, digital, PDF copies, or audiobooks, and no exceptions will be made to accommodate any of these.

Genre information

I am interested in receiving fiction (early readers, illustrated fiction, middle-grade chapter books), non-fiction, picture books, poetry and graphic novels including classics, new, inclusive and diverse books. I will happily read, review and recommend all genres except for religious or politically-motivated books.

Please do not send me books with any inappropriate content for the primary age range.

If the book is a part of a series, then I may need to read the previous or subsequent books. Please check with me before you send. 

No materials submitted will be returned and are submitted at the author/publishers/publicist’s own risk of loss or damage. Some hard copies received may be taken or donated into local primary schools to share with children, after they have been submitted. 

All of the content that I write is my honest opinion. Whilst I will not lie about my feelings for a book for any reason, I will always aim to highlight and focus upon the more positive aspects of each book, in order to provide a fair reflection, that I read, review and recommend. If I do not think a book is suitable in terms of content or quality, I will be unlikely to feature it and this could be without warning to the publisher or author.


I will make every effort to read, review and recommend in a timely fashion and with regard to release dates, but I cannot guarantee a date for reading, reviewing and recommending, and please do bear in mind that I am a working teacher. I often read the books in the order that I receive them, but may make exceptions and prioritise one book over another, should I need to (i.e. coincide with release dates). 

In busy periods, please note that it may take several weeks or months from receiving books for reading, reviewing and recommending to be posted. In the case of advance copies, I prefer to receive a book three to four months prior to when the book is scheduled for publication. 

Blog tours 
Unfortunately, I do not take part in blog tours at the moment due to other commitments so any emails sent to me asking for this will not be answered or acknowledged.

If you would like to contact me about reviewing a book, please email or use the contact form below.

Get in touch!

Thanks for your request!

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