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Blog Tour (Top Three: Children's Books Featuring Monsters): I Can Catch a Monster by Bethan Woollvin

Top Three Books Featuring Monsters from Bethan Woolvin

With her newest picture book where a little rebel girl goes on a quest to catch a monster, I Can Catch a Monster author Bethan Woollvin has selected her top three favourite children's books featuring monsters.


A-Z of Monsters and Magical Beings

by Rob Hodgson & Aiden Onn

I picked this book up recently for my own research into mythical creatures, and I was pleasantly surprised with how much monster-myth there was to learn about! It’s a fantastic introduction to monsters and mythical creatures from all around the world. Written by Aidan Onn and Illustrated by Rob Hodgson, this fabulous duo have found the perfect balance with manageable bites of information on each monster, paired with fun and eccentric illustrations, really bringing these monsters to life! This book contains some of the more familiar monsters we know and love, such as dragons and vampires, but you’ll also find monsters you’ve never heard of before! Such as the shrieking Scottish Banshee, or the ‘Ushi - Oni’ the gigantic crab-like monster from Japan. Both the illustrations and text have little moments of humour, which make the monsters a little less scary, and at times will make you laugh out loud.


A Werewolf Named Oliver James by Nicholas John Frith

I fell in love with this book the moment I got my hands on a copy! This story follows a little boy, who one evening unexpectedly turns into a (very cute looking) werewolf! Oliver learns that there are lots of awesome things about being a werewolf, including super-strength and super-smell. But he soon realises that being a werewolf does make some things a little more difficult! Frith’s work is always stunning, and this book is no exception! Printed in just four colours - yellow, orange, purple and black, the colour pallets feels very halloween inspired! But don’t be fooled by the spooky aesthetic, this book contains a very important message, about the way we perceive those who look different to us.


Arthur and the Golden Rope

by Joe Todd Stanton

Fairytales and folklore are such a big source of inspiration for me and my own books, so I just had to include Arthur and the Golden Rope by Joe Todd Stanton! This book is a firm favourite of mine, and of my little sister, who I must have read this to a hundred times! Part of a collection of mythical tales, this book is a playful introduction to Norse mythology and lore. The story follows a young viking boy named Arthur, who has to figure out a way to defeat the monstrous ‘Fenrir’, a huge black wolf who is terrorising his village. This monster-wolf is so terrifying, even the bravest of warriors have been unable to defeat it! But with guidance from the Norse gods, and a few clever tricks up his sleeve, will Arthur save his village? You’ll have to find out! Half way between a picture book and a graphic novel, this is the perfect story for a slightly older audience. Stanton’s illustrations are an absolute feast for the eyes, so each time you read the book you’ll notice something new!


I Can Catch a Monster

by Bethan Woollvin

This brilliantly-illustrated picture book really does bring together what I love most about Bethan Woollvin's books. From her illustrations which should adorn every child's bedroom let alone bookcase to stories of strong and smart characters who challenge stereotypes, I Can Catch a Monster is a read for all ages that will make children think differently and show that the strength to stand up for what's right can be achieved in many ways.

When our protagonist Bo sets off on her plight to catch a monster and prove she's not only smart and strong but also brave, Bethan - as she usually does - takes this quest story and adds a very different dynamic all of her own to it to ensure it stays long in the mind and heart after reading.

Through her choice of bold and zestful colours that work so well together along with the with, charm and expressions of characters that mean you get to know them the more you turn the page, these spreads are absolutely something to share together with children as they will adore finding their own special features within them.

Encountering many classic monsters on her way, Bo actually realises that there is a stark contrast to each and every one of these monsters and to how she envisaged them and through this, we begin to go on a most wonderful journey of courage and conservation towards these strange creatures with Bo. A journey that ends with Bo capturing a monster or two that she didn't quite expect to catch. Complete with its map-laden endpapers, Bethan has succeeded yet again in providing us with a book that showcases heart, humour and heroines at their finest.


Big thanks to Bethan for writing her wonderful guest post above, and to Sabina and the team at Two Hoots for inviting me to be a part of the I Can Catch a Monster blog tour!



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