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NNFN Blog Tour (Review): Question Everything by Susan Martineau & Vicky Barker

Fighting fake news, being critically literate and questioning everything are high on the curriculum at this moment in time to teach our young people. This is because we live in a world that is rapidly changing where information is being broadcast so widely and so quickly that it is at our fingertips and in our brains before we've even had a chance to digest it, understand it and analyse it for what it is worth. But behold this brilliant non-fiction guide book, from the same partnership that brought us books like Real-Life Mysteries, to explaining how we can combat this controversial news-era that we find ourselves in and how we can take an active part in thinking for ourselves.

With double-page spreads focusing on topical issues such as being able to discern facts from fiction or opinion, identifying hyperbole, and being rational about statistics, this book has almost everything a child needs in the twenty-first century to become a citizen of our modern-day world. Recently longlisted for the Blue Peter Book Awards 2021, this book has so much potential as a resource to be used in the classroom, in the wider life of a school, in the library and at home.

Further to if you're thinking of using it in schools, there are curriculum areas covered within that make this a teacher's dream because it has scope for being applied in subject areas such as English and Literacy but also those such as PSHE, ICT with its focus on online safety and critical thinking and problem solving with its accessible presentation, a toolbox of checklist-style strategies for dealing with situations and bright, zany and eye-catching text and illustrations.

This is a non-fiction text that should be on every shelf because it is real, relevant and revolutionary in its way of putting control back into the minds, hearts and hands of its young readers.

Question Everything is available to order online through Amazon or through your local independent bookshop.


National Non-Fiction November is an annual celebration of non-fiction for children and young people organized by the Federation of Children’s Book Groups. Visit their website for more information, ideas and resources:


Thank you to Chris Routh for inviting me to be part of the National Non-Fiction November (NNFN) blog tour and to b small, the publishers, for sending me a copy of the book to review.

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