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New Non-Fiction!

There are so many new non-fiction books coming out each year that can teach children about the world around them, as well as helping them to discover their passions, answer their burning questions, and quench their thirst for knowledge. 


I've picked out a range of fresh factual books published within the past year that are filled with facts and fun, including encyclopaedias, advice guides, board books, biographies, graphic histories and comic-style books. This #BookList has something for everyone whether you're fact-finding in school or at home. So browse the list below and click on each book cover to view more information or to order on Amazon or Bookshop UK.

Here's a list of some of my favourite factual books, categorised into age groups of 3+, 5+, 7+ and 9+, to help you get started...


Click on each book cover to view more information or order on Amazon.

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