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The aim of the annual Read for Empathy collections is for schools, libraries, families and community groups to use the books to help raise a generation with strong empathy skills. They are produced by EmpathyLab in conjunction to celebrate Empathy Day each year, which this year is on the 11 June 2019.

Primary Schools Collection

An expert panel has chosen thirty-three fantastic books for children aged 4–11. Fourteen superb picture books and two poetry collections have been carefully selected that are perfect for reading and discussing with children aged 4–11. Whilst fifteen superb stories and two graphic novels to help children immerse themselves in other people’s lives have also been picked.

Each one does a specific empathy-building job, such as developing new perspectives or recognition of emotions. They offer powerful insights into different ways of life and what it might feel like in certain situations such as to be a refugee or homeless. Please use them to inspire children to turn feelings of empathy into action – in their homes, schools and communities.

Click each book cover to view or order online from Amazon

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